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This web site shall serve to document my interests in things aeronautical as well as other elements of my world. It started quite simply as a location to document the build of my Van’s RV-8A homebuilt aircraft projects.

My main project is currently a Helicycle homebuilt helicopter. This is by far the most complex project I have undertaken. The level of precision required is intense. It has pushed my fabrication abilities and attention to detail beyond anything I have done previously.

There is always something to work on. No matter what the mood, there is some element that will be interesting at any given moment, from machining, sheet metal work, fiberglass, painting, or electronics all the way to upholstery or silkscreening.

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The web site itself has gone through a number of iterations over the years. I started by hand coding it. I then moved to Apple's iWeb, a simple, but ultimately limiting development tool. Now I am trying RapidWeaver. It seems cool and I am learning a lot, but it also has it's own limitations - not the least of which is that it seems they want you to buy a plug-in to try any new thing and there are more 'clicks' between thought and publish. My main goal is to document my project, not develop web sites.

Updates occur continuously.

Helicopter construction log is updated almost weekly. Full LOG is HERE.

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