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This web site shall serve to document my interests in things aeronautical as well as other elements of my world.  It started quite simply as a location to document the build of my Van’s RV-8A homebuilt aircraft project.  

It turns out that I am a serial collector of projects.  I didn’t plan it, but my shop is now stuffed with airplane and Helicopter projects.  There is always something to work on.  No matter what the mood, there is some element of one of them that will be interesting at any given moment, from sheet metal work, fiberglass, painting, or electronics all the way to upholstery or silkscreening, if that should so move me.   Each project will get finished - eventually.  I am in no hurry.  If you log onto this site, expecting to see any one of the projects proceed at a linear, predictable pace, you’d better delete this browser bookmark.

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This web site has gone through a number of iterations over the years.  It has been prettier, but I am now using iWeb on a MAC, which is super-easy, but quite a bit more limited than writing the code by hand.  That ease of use will help keep the updates flowing more frequently at the expense of pretty pages.

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A record of things aeronautical, amongst others...


The Lucky13 lady logo at the top of this page is a modification to artwork belonging to Lucky 13 Apparel, Inc.    I like the Bettie Page pinup-like artwork and will likely get some airbrushed on the nose my RV8A on completion.    The proper legalities will be handled when I get closer to the actual use on the plane.  Some of the photos I display are of other folk’s aircraft and the rights to use them belong to those folks.   I don’t realize any commercial gain from this site or those uses, so please don’t sue me.   There's more, I'm sure, but I hereby declare my immunity.

Recent Project Status as of:   December 17, 2013 9:56 PM

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Lee’s First Ride as my Helicopter Passenger 3/4/2012../resources/BlogResources/Lee147BA_small.m4vHome_files/Lee147BA_small_1.m4vshapeimage_2_link_0








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