Well, it’s time to admit some reality.  I have too many projects and not enough time.

Once I bought my Glasair progress on the RV-8A slowed substantially.  AND, after I got involved in the helicopter project, progress on the RV-8A stopped entirely.  It is still in my shop, patiently waiting to be worked on, but nothing has been done for 3 years (at least).

I still love the RV8A design and if no buyer comes forward, I will finish it ... someday.  I am proud of my craftsmanship and am only selling it to free shop space and perhaps some cash to roll into the impending engine work I need on the Glasair (motor is beyond TBO - still running well - but it’s time).

When I ceased major work I was just about to mount the empennage permanently (it’s fitted, just needing to be drilled to fuse), and started fitting the wings.  Neither of those ops are done, so the final builder will complete them and know those steps are done per their standards.


            Empennage - Complete and primed.

            Wings - Ailerons and Flaps fitted. Skins fitted. Conduit run. Ready to mate to fuse.

            Fuse - Floors in. Seats complete & fitted. Rollbar fitted.

            Finish Kit - Still in unopened crate (I know - shameful)

            Canopy - Deleted Van’s and have a Todd’s Canopy (same profile with slight tint).

            Extras - Will throw in Trio Autopilot, Altrack, antennas, lights, plenty more...


Van’s gets $34K for a new Quickbuild kit, which basically you are getting.  I understand that unfinished kits don’t command new kit prices, and this one is 9 years old which is why I am pricing this at $24K firm. My substantial loss is your substantial gain.  The price is the price.  If I don’t get it I will just keep the project and finish it when I am old(er) and grey(er).


I will certainly collect, organize, and box up the pieces and parts.  The best method would be to bring a U-Haul and we’ll pack it up and you truck it away.  The fuse and wings are on their own dollies.  I would like to avoid crating for shipment.  The original crates were the donor material for the dollies.  The exception is the finish kit, which is still in its original shipping crate.  

FOR SALE - RV-8A Quickbuild



Stephen D. Metzger  Lunenburg, MA © 2013

In late September 2013 I sold my RV-8A kit to a gentleman from Pennsylvania named Denny Yoder.  This is his second Van’s kit and I am sure he’ll do a great job completing it based on his current RV-7 plane.  I must admit to a sense of loss.  After all, it was my second attempt at an airplane kit and the result was the same as the first - stall, then sale.  If I do try another it will have to be structured very differently

Empty shop where RV-8A once lived.