Finish Kit    Shamefully most is still in the crate...

(8/3/06) I picked up my canopy! I ordered a canopy from Todd's Canopies. He offers custom RV canopies with whatever tint you'd like. They are somewhat thicker than Van's canopies, and have a slightly shallower angle on the front windscreen end for a sleeker appearance. I made sure to delete the canopy from the finish kit order.

Dave Rogers, Mike Draper, and I went for a group order. Todd gave us a group discount and there was obviously only one single shipping charge. Not only does this end up being a better canopy (I think), but it ends up being cheaper in the end as well. Seems like a good deal. We'll see later when I get around to working with it.

The parts are starting to pile up. It's going to get really crowded when the finish kit shows up.

 (3/21/10) Now for the confession of my shame...

I received the finish kit in November of 2006.  That's 4-1/2 years ago.  The crate is still in the garage unopened.  Excuses, excuses.  Insert them all here.  I bought the Glasair, started helicopter lessons, and most time consuming of all, started yet another start-up company.

I am still 100% committed to completion.  There's no telling when, or even which decade that'll be.

I will NOT become yet another incomplete homebuilt statistic.

Stephen D. Metzger  Lunenburg, MA © 2011