A Record of important things…

Oil Cooler Endcaps

Of course now that I have this groovy router/engraver every problem will have a routing/engraving component to it. It is pretty cool to have something that can add detailed and permanent markings.

Here are the end caps to the Hap Miller supplied oil cooler. This labeling is not strictly necessary, but a start.

I am definitely learning what works and how to work the machine. I engraved too deeply initially and snapped the first engraving bit and had to restart. That's why the "L" and the "e" in "Left" are a little smeary; two passes at a one-step offset that probably happened when I changed the bit.

That's just a quick "shop polish". A camera angle that highlights the engraving also highlights the unpolished scratches in the aluminum. I am thinking I will just leave the oil cooler extrusion "natural clear anodized" and the end caps polished (more than this, though).