A Record of important things…

Engine Mount Prep

Getting ready to mount the engine. I inventoried and labeled all the engine mount parts and trial fitted the assemblies together. It may seem like overkill to label things like washers, but since I have no idea how often or when I get back to building sessions, I can't count on memory alone.

Here are the assemblies for left and right fit together.

I have a question for Blake as to which way to install the bolts for the inner slider plate on the left side mount; nuts in or nuts out.


There are a few spare parts, all washers. I am assuming those are for proper spacing once the unit is installed in the ship.


I mounted a couple of heavy steel angles and pulleys to a large beam in my shop for winching the engine up into position.

Next up is to check the gear (since major weight will be on it now), and complete the wiring of the engine, then the mounting starts.