A Record of important things…

Fin Painting


The first “real” parts painted were the fins.  This is Eastwood single-stage urethane.  I first practiced on a couple sheets of aluminum I had in the shop, and good thing.  There was a fair amount of fiddling with the gun and the first one was a mess.

Keeping the piece flat and getting the second and third coat relatively heavily allowed for a nice flow out.  Very smooth.  A little orange peel.  Not much.


My one flaw is on the underside of the horizontal fin.  The Fin slipped down the jig on which I had it and stuck to the piece of MDF I had underneath it.  I will have to scuff this and repaint this side.



This is the vertical fin.  Overall I am happy with the result.  The only issue is that the Eastwood “Bright White” is not nearly as “bright” as I would have thought.  It is slightly more grey than absolute white.  I am getting used to it, though. 

Now that the fin is painted I can select an N-Number and affix it to the fin.  Progress.