A Record of important things…

First Cabin Fit


First fitting of the body halves.  Of course they had to come off and on about a half dozen times to fine tune the cutouts around the body tubes. The powder coat on the body tubes got fairly scratched up in a few places before I had them all taped up to protect them,  I’ll have to get some touch up paint of the same color.

The fit is pretty poor.  I think my seatpan sits forward perhaps too much which makes the vertical holes on the sides impossible to line up on the left side without really deforming the seatpan.  I may have to pull it all apart and redo the seat pan mounts so everything fits more cleanly.  Darn.  I thought this was going to be an easy bit.

Anyway, it really looks like a flying machine with the body attached and I had to strongly resist  the urge to climb in,  make airplane noises, and daydream.  The frame came powder coated dark green.  I had been thinking dark yellow for the body, but perhaps a very stark white would work with polished skids and blades and grey Zolotone on the interior.  Too soon??