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CNC Mill

Buoyed by the positive results from Attempting to CNC route some parts for the tail rotor scissors, I decided a more substantial machine was needed to allow for more serious metal cutting. I purchased a Grizzly G0704 for conversion to CNC. This is a fairly popular model for conversion and there is much information on the web detailing how others have converted this machine.


I did not want to spend a lifetime converting the machine, nor did I want to spend more than about $3500. This machine is substantial enough to cut up to maybe 1/2" aluminum. Parts and plans are readily available. I procured all the bits and pieces, and budgeted 3 weekends for the conversion. It took about three times that long as there is a lot of fiddling to get things dialed in perfectly.

The conversion deserves its own page, which can be found here: CNC_MILL.