A Record of important things…

Instrument Panel Planning & Fitting

Instruments planned for the upper pod:

TOP ROW:            Airspeed Indicator, Rotor RPM
MIDDLE ROW:      Altitude, temp gauges, Flow Level/Flow, Vertical Speed
BOTTOM:             GPS/COMM , Transponder, Compass

Lower Section:      Switches, Engine RPM, Breakers

All but one of these are provided with the kit; Voltage, Transmission Temp, Hour Meter, Flow Flow (I supplied), Tachometer, Turbine Exhaust Temp, Engine Tach, and Oil Temp and Pressure.

Leftover from my RV8A project is a Garmin GNC300XL GPS/COMM and a GTX327 transponder. 

Left to purchase is an AS indicator, Altimeter, and VSI.

Checking the instrument pod positioning.  And... making helicopter noises.  One of those FAA “builder” pictures.


I ordered a Falcon 0-120MPH airspeed indicator and decided to try something a little different for the altitude.  I ordered an MGL combined digital Altimeter and VSI.

Unlike fixed wing flying, I find myself really only relying on the altimeter around airports and airspace in a helicopter.  You’re flying is so low and slow that visual reference for altitude is pretty accurate.  The VSI bar looks quite attention-getting, which is the important thing.  We’ll see how this works.