A Record of important things…

Cabin Interior painting


I had, at one point, considered lining the cabin interior with a fabric, but quickly dismissed it as weighty and labor intensive for limited gain in looks. To keep it simple and light, I lightly sanded it to remove the high-stranding fiberglass artifacts, then primed with the epoxy grey. I did not bother to fill the weave, or anything like that.


I wanted a finish that was light colored, but not reflective. The ideal solution was a stone finish spray paint. This is very similar to "spatter paint" that used to be popular as trunk paint for automobiles. I used Rustoleum "Simply Stone" granite finish. To me it looks nothing like granite, but for this application it looks pretty good.


The best part is that it really masks the open weave of the rough interior of the fiberglass. I highly recommend this stuff as simple and easy for this application.