A Record of important things…

Paint Planning

Against all recommendations and commonly accepted practice, I DO plan on painting this thing myself.  The frame is already powder coated GREEN, of all things.  I did not choose it, the original kit purchaser did, but have decided to live with it since changing would be a lot of work and $$$.  The powder coat is in pretty good shape and I found exact color-matched touch up paint, so that’s decided.

Now maybe because I’ve been staring at it in the raw gelcoat for so long, the white has kind of grown on me.  Green frame, white fins and cabin with a flat black interior (low reflections).  That’s the working direction.  Basic, not gaudy.  Works with the green and won’t offend anyone, nor will it impress with any great inspiration or creativity either.  I should be able to pull this off myself since there are no swoopy transitions and multi-color blends.  I may add some trim colors, but only later and maybe with vinyl graphics.


Does the table at the top look impressive?  It should.  That’s $450 worth of painting chemicals.  I am quite sure I bought way too much flat black and not enough white, but we’ll see.  Eastwood had the stuff to me within 4 days and I didn’t pay for any expedites (every can was dented, but not breached).