A Record of important things…

Project Start


Busy month.  I finished refurbishing the garage, which is quite full at this point with the RV8A still in there, and all the fittings for the new project.  I painted every surface white, and discovered something really cool.  Periodically Lowe's has some killer deals on pre-fabricated bathroom cabinets.  A couple of sections of those with a pre-fab countertop makes a nice workbench/storage cabinet.  I am sure it is not precisely, perfectly flat, but pretty darned close.  I will shim and do all critical tolerance work on my flush surface in the downstairs shop.  The project is all here.  I received the rotor blades from Eagle.  The only thing left from them is the turbine itself, which I have no immediate need for anyway, so delivery, though promised "soon" is not super critical to me at this time.

Harbor Freight is my friend.  I picked up a bunch of odds & ends I didn't already have; a 4" die grinder, more clamps, a 1" belt sander, blades, etc...


Real Project Work!! I first started by checking over all the Group 1 work done by the previous kit owner.  He got as far as mounting the frame on the skids, then starting to clean up the seat pan.  The gear mounting looks acceptable.  His holes are square and I should just need to replace the hardware with known good and properly sized items at final assembly.  Though his work seems acceptable, his color choices were not.  Green?!?  That'll change for sure.  The seat cushions are also a hideous purple/pink combo which will probably end up getting replaced at some point.