A Record of important things…

Reno 2014

September 2014

I attended the National Air Races in Reno this year (2014). In the display area were two different Helicycles. This was awesome as I have been to a number of Sun-n-Fun and Oshkosh events, and have seen exactly ONE Helicycle at Sun-n-Fun in 2013 only. There were two on display at Reno this year, an official corporate presence, and information on the Helicycle that is being used as a drone. A wonderful showing.

The first machine was Blake’s personal machine from Eagle R&D. This is a basic workmanlike machine that is actually a collection of parts from a number of builds. Here is a slide presentation of Blake’s Factory machine. They may seem like a random collection of photos. They are of whatever was interesting to me at the time.

The second was James Kent’s machine. This thing is a work of art. James has added a number of very advanced enhancements and is finished to a supreme degree. Polished surfaces, chrome plating, and superior craftsmanship really makes an outstanding impression. I didn’t get as many photos of Jame’s machine as I have a whole bunch from Reno a coupe of years ago. Here are a few detail shots of some of the nice touches.

James’ machine was absolutely swamped at the show every time I walked by.