A Record of important things…

Rotor Head Arrives

IMG_1339Unpack the rotor head crate.  As I stated earlier, since the kit was purchased from another builder, most of the elements have been delivered or are on their way.  The rotor blades and rotor head shipments arrived last week.  The only item left is the turbine. 

Everything was in great condition. EXCEPT for a slit-like gash in the rotor head crate that I somehow missed when the delivery truck was here.  I opened the rotor BLADE crate to inspect it since I figured that was the one subject to the most possible shipping damage being larger.

WRONG.  It was perfect.  The smaller box is the one with the gash.  It looks like a forklift tine, or something, was sliced into the crate.  There is a tiny nick on the rotor head that I will have to dress, but hopefully it is OK.  That piece is absolutely gorgeously machined.  My camera had trouble focusing on the nick since the piece is so shiny.