A Record of important things…

Initial Screen Fitting


Lower plexi taped in place on front.  Lot’s of trimming to fit the joggle cleanly.  It has been drilled and I purchased a bunch of #6 floating nutplates after having read the experiences of others.  Apparently with the instrument cluster in place there is almost no way to get your hands in there to place acorn nuts.


Here is my dynamic duo for drilling the plexi.  The drill bit is a  #27 plexi bit from Avery Tool.  It has a shallow cutting 60 degree point.  The countersink I picked up from the sale bin at Harbor Freight.  It has a single flute and just barely shaves, which leaves a nice, chatter-free chamfer on the plexi holes. $3.99 for a set of three.  It would probably dull immediately on aluminum or steel, but it’s great for this application.


The windscreen opening is pretty floppy without the windscreen.  I hot glued some foamcore “I-beams” to hold the width to almost exactly match the windscreen.  Makes fitting and holding the windscreen in place much easier.  I thought peeling the hotglue out would be easy when I’m done, but I tried peeling off a blob and it really, really grips that rough fiberglass pretty securely in fact.  Oh well.