A Record of important things…

Shop Day

Though I have a lot of pictures of whatever I am working on, I do not have many of me actually doing any of the work. To remedy that I resurrected my IP camera. My wife had been using it to periodically check what was going on in the shop. Her computer has a desktop icon called "What is he Doing?" that brings up the shop camera.

The camera has the ability to monitor for motion, and then push images to an FTP server every second when there is motion detected. I then use an application called "Time Lapse Assembler" to string them into a movie.

Here is a day in the shop. The only frames logged are when I am in view and there is enough motion to trigger the camera, so it is not a full day, but several hours worth. Still, it's pretty big if you chose to download it.

This will get more interesting when there is more action on the airframe. Most of this is engine prep work. With a low-resolution video camera like this it makes for a pretty boring video. I will remedy that soon enough.

Tasks accomplished on camera:
  • Safety wiring some engine fittings
  • Doing the last bit of engine wiring.
  • Torque sealing a bunch of bolts (my way of indicating completion)
  • Fabricating, painting and installing a bracket for the throttle return spring
  • Checking the clutch travel and figuring out how it mounts in the ship again.
  • Replacing the skid bolts with AN HW of the proper length (the kit-supplied Grade 8 bolts ones are too short).
  • Prepping the rubber clutch mount