A Record of important things…

Stripped Turbine


Nearly fully denuded.  I am going to remove the fuel injection manifold as there is quite a bit of  corrosion in the area where the tailpipe clamp goes.  Mainly cosmetic, but it looks pretty bad.  It will also allow for more shining up of the burner can.  10 minutes on that top section and it looks OK.

I’ve ordered some black POR-15 to paint everything but the burner can.  I would have used clear, but that center section is so discolored that there is no way I could get it looking good.


A clue as to the past life of this turbine.


This is the fuel pump/control unit.  That arm on the top is the infamous “delicate” throttle control arm.  It is kind wimpy looking, but not tragically so.  The surprising part is that the full travel from stop to stop is only about half an inch.

Though it is looks pretty tired, I am going to resist the temptation to take it apart to clean and resurface it.  I’m quite sure that I would do more harm than good.  It’ll just get cleaned and brushed off as an assembled unit, then reinstalled.

Speaking of more harm than good; BJ makes a point of having you make tick marks on the pulley and the mounting flange in the front of the gearbox to maintain alignment prior to removal.  I did not realize that the conical center section is a piece separate from the pulley.  I made my tick mark on the pulley, but when I pulled it off the shaft, the centering cone dropped out to the floor.  I stared at it for 15 minutes to see if there was any hint of which position it was oriented in (1 of 6) by virtue of any witness marks on the mating surfaces, but could not.  I will have to figure out where BJ was measuring when he said they were indexed to 0.003 to 0.005 of runout and remeasure to establish the orientation. Poop. This is my first mistake in a while caused by just not watching the videos closely enough.