A Record of important things…

Drilling Transmission

OK.  After procrastinating long enough and measuring and remeasuring, I finally drilled the transmission to the frame.  Even with all my careful measuring and clamping, after I drilled and rebolted everything together snugly I went back and measured the offset.  BJ wants the right side to have more pre-built offset by 1/4” measured at the first bearing block.  When everything was final/final, I measured .350” more on the right.  I was super careful.  Something must have shifted ever so slightly during drilling.  That extra tenth translates into about 5/100 of a degree.  Hopefully this will not affect the final alignment too much. 


The holes are all reamed and there is no detectable slop at all, which I think is probably more important.


I am happy with how the hood bearing block slides cleanly down to the hood with absolutely no touching of the hood metal.  This means there’s no preload or stress on the mast imparted by the frame mounting.