A Record of important things…

Transmission Final Prep

Pulled out the main transmission for last prep prior to final installation.

Now I have to dig out my references on how to re-install the plumbing.


Since I am not planning on installing the fiberglass fan blades the bosses cast onto the pulley are just dead weight, so I chucked up the main pulley in my lathe and shaved them down. Any extra room in the pulley bay will be welcome I am sure. I left a little meat on the pads from the bosses to give me something to mill off in case there is some balancing to be done. You can see the remains of a couple of leftover holes that must have been drilled for balancing purposes back at the factory. I will admit that I did not notice those balancing holes until I started cutting and now will have to rig some sort of jig to allow for redoing the balance.

This is the largest thing I have ever worked with in my lathe and it was clearly operating at capacity.