A Record of important things…

Transmission Prep


Here is why my progress slows to a crawl sometimes.  BJ says to make a little wooden plug to cover the transmission fill during painting.  Well, instead of wood, I turned this this little plastic block down on the lathe and then threaded it to 1/2” NPT pipe thread.  I messed up the threads and had to make a new one.  Of course cutting plastic on the lathe is very messy, so I had to clean up the shop afterwards.  All told about an hour and a half to make a stupid little plug.


Sandblasted with 80grit followed by 220, then wirebrushed with stainless steel and then a brass brush.  It looked fantastic before the painting, but of course that wouldn’t have lasted.  Two coats of POR-15 clear.  One light to “seal” the casting, then one medium-heavy to level it out all with a brush.  It looks  candy-coated now.

It took almost a full week of curing before it stopped feeling tacky.