A Record of important things…

Turbine Prep

Back to turbine prep.  Summer is over.  Time for serious building.  Adding the numerous fittings and prep for the plumbing.  While at Reno I saw N168SK, a Helicycle belonging to James Kent, which was out on static display.  Wow!  A beautiful machine and represented the breed well.
IMG_2053 IMG_2056

IMG_2054 IMG_2055

Various plumbing fittings, safety wiring, and painting of the oil filter housing.


My first oil line.  I think I may have “overflared” the ends as a little ridge extruded out between the flare clamp dies which prevents the retainer ring from seating fully.  This one is coming back.  I practiced on a couple, but probably should have intentionally under and over flared to get a feel for what that looks like,  Again, my second helicopter will be perfect.

Takes about 3 minutes to polish the line and makes a huge improvement in appearance.


Adding more lines. Engine is tilted up for better access to lower lines.