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Turbine Install Start


The Helicycle is powered by a Solar T62 turbine engine.  It’s one of the primary attractions of this helicopter design.   The T62 was designed as a ground power unit for the military for electrical generators and is used as the APU on a number of aircraft, including the CH47 Chinook.

In the Helicycle it is derated from its designed power output level of 160HP down to 90HP for reliability and longevity.  Plenty of margin.  Eagle R&D buys them surplus and refurbishes them including a teardown and dynamic balance.

As part of my effort to get multiple threads of effort going, I uncrated the engine and will begin tearing it apart in preparation for painting and mounting.  You can see that I’ve started by removing the starter and a number of the fuel lines.  Lots of pictures have been taken as each piece comes off and all the parts marked.
  IMG_1880 IMG_1882